Sudokuri Creativity training course

has led the way in bringing practical creativity to organisations of every size and in every industry.

It can be conducted in an independent format (stand-alone basis). Participants actively learn by doing.

We teach people how to do what we think of as being innate or spontaneous to achieve more imaginative processes, and more creative results.

We teach how to inspire your employees and yourself to innovate.

Experiential workshop techniques from Sudokuri Creativity foster curiosity, exploration, embracing different perspectives and then applying new thinking in real time.

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Creativity Workshops for Business - PUSH YOUR TALENTS

Being creative requires that you understand the information you have been given.

All innovation begins as an individual's creative thought. So at first We Teach to Think About Thinking

Next – we teach to explain new knowledge shows that you have processed and internalized the information on a deeper level.

This training pushes participants out of their comfort zones to explore uncharted territories of business that are going to be a common ground of the business of tomorrow.

Creativity and Empathy. Powerful way to develop empathy using creativity tools

Creativity is a tool, and art is a process.

That process is fraught with challenges, failures, and frustrations because it happens with and for others. How does one flourish through this? By employing empathy; first with ourselves, and then with others.

Observing Human Behavior

A fundamental principle of innovation or creative thinking is to start with empathy. On the path from blank page to insight, sometimes people need a tool to help with what comes next: synthesis.

A chance to understand the customers

Want to elevate and enhance yourself and those you seek to serve? Understand what creativity and empathy are for and then employ them properly.

Creativity boosting exceptional performance achieving

Creativity and Problem Solving

During the creative problem solving process, there’s a stage when we encourage people to capture all the information about the problem we’re trying to solve. There are many creative problem-solving techniques for resolving this tension and revealing new solutions.

Creativity and Teamwork

A team can be significantly more creative than any individual team member and is often better able to push creative ideas through the implementation process so that they may become innovations.

Creativity and Leadership

It is important that team leaders understand the basics of group creativity. A highly critical team leader can destroy a large team’s creative potential very quickly. On the other hand, a motivating team leader can push people to think more creatively than ever.

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Sabrina Rayne
More than 10 years inspires creative people to achieve their potential as artists. She helps big-hearted creatives make things happen, bringing them a sense of flourishing every step of the way. Sabrina is a teacher of Creativity in Business and a certified professional coach. Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising & Sales, a Partner at Center for Education, NY.

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